Hi! I'm Liz.

I'm a windows-wide-open kind of a girl in the western suburbs of Chicago. Give me some fresh air, a camera, beautiful natural light, willing models and I'm in my happy place. Plain and simple, I LOVE photography. I love capturing details of my day-to-day life through photography and I love being able to provide others with the same tangible memories I give myself every day.

I'm a mom of three adorable kids, who by now are so used to my camera that it doesn't phase them when I pause a game, run away for a minute and come back, camera in hand to snap a photo of the every day moment. They are so used to me dressing them up for yet another photoshoot so I can go test a new location. They are my biggest fans and my best clients and I love them to pieces. 

One day, when I'm an old granny, I want to spend hours with my husband Joe looking through book after book filled with beautiful photos from our life. And I want to help you capture different moments in your life, from engagements to maternity to newborn to first birthdays and beyond.