What snow in April means to me.

Well here we are, it's April and it's snowing. Being from the midwest I should not be surprised... yet I sit here, once again amazed at the tricks good ole Mother Nature is once again playing on us. Most years, these are the days we are finally getting a breath of fresh air. After months of being trapped inside, windows closed, we emerge... and those things we have forgotten for the past four months become clear again. Look, there are birds flying! Look over there... it's a park! Is this really what air feels like on my skin? Is that... no... it can't be... do we actually have neighbors?? But not this year. No, this year we are forced to stick it out another month, this grueling cold dead winter. (Which by the way, can actually be really beautiful for photography.)


So instead of the itching need to be outside every second of my day to soak in the fresh, long-awaited, spring air, I've been stuck inside forced to finally put together the photography website that has been high on my to-do list for far too long. So here it is, simple and clean. A place to finally showcase my photos. It's still a work-in-progress, but it's here. It's landed! And now I get to blog. So here's my blog... a place where I will feature my photo sessions, talk about daily life and maybe even provide a little inspiration for others to pick up their cameras and capture this fleeting time in your life... because, really, all time is fleeting and if we have photos to look back on, we can relive the best moments.