Pedersen Family Photos | St. James Farm

My favorite time of day to photograph families with young kids is bright and early in the morning. Everyone is usually fresh and ready to go and the light is just dreamy! I met Bridget and her adorable gang of guys while photographing her brother's wedding and when she contacted me to do a family shoot I was pumped when she said they were up for an early morning. We met at St. James Farm in Wheaton at 7:30AM and her boys were pros right off the bat. These three little guys did amazingly well and with some gentle bribing (I am never above bribes when it comes to photographing kids!) of puffs and fruit snacks, they gave me the cutest little smiles! A promise of a water balloon fight later in the day was all they needed to put on the charm for the camera. Little Anthony had just turned one and he was so adorable! It was so much fun hanging out with this family on a bright, hot morning... and by 8:30AM the boys were free to enjoy the rest of their day!